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  • Self-Employment status - What this means

    When you are self-employed, you are a small business and your own boss. You make the decisions on how to run your business and you are responsible for the profits and losses your business generates.

    Being self-employed is different from being employed. This means that you decide when and how to work, what payment you will accept for the services you provide and if you want to hire others to do the work for you.

    When self-employed you contract with someone or a business to supply services in the same way you would if you were a plumber or freelance gardener. As a self-employed courier you supply courier services. This means because you are supplying courier services as a business, you won’t get sick or holiday pay if you are unable to supply the service or choose to take a break.

    As a business you will need to keep records and deal with your own Tax and National Insurance. You can offset your costs against tax and consider if being VAT registered will help maximise your earnings.

    You can supply services to multiple people or companies at the same time, advertise your business and seek deliveries from other people and businesses while contracted to CitySprint.
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